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Another reason to hike!

Hiking has become my go to, my salvation, my solitude, etc. Everyone has their reasons and purposes to hike Trial.! Out of everything I chose to do, hiking is my number one, that may seem selfish but let me explain... Continue Reading →

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Missing the Trail!

Missing the trail, what do I mean by that. I could be missing any part, but the one I miss the most is travelling on the trail. Gaining miles after miles gives me more experience every time. I still remember... Continue Reading →

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Gear List (will update frequently)

Gear list updated as I hike and buy more gear... 🙂 Summer Base Weight - Bag - Waymarkgearco Custom 40l Pack - Sleeping system - down this from Costco for 20 bucks and altered it to my liking (pic soon)... Continue Reading →

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Day 25 | Florida Trail 1/24/18

Day 25 | Florida Trail 17 miles 1/24/18 What a day!! The day was good till 12pm I had 17 miles done and ready for more. But the last bridge coming out off of the trail did not like me.... Continue Reading →

Day 20 | Florida Trail 1/19/18

Day 20 | Florida Trail 6 miles 1/19/18 It feels so good to be back on trail! My feet are stress free and loving the ground, with just six miles I took my time and enjoyed this walk. The day... Continue Reading →

Day 19 | Florida Trail 1/18/18

Day 19 | Florida Trail 0 miles (zero day) 1/18/18 I've done nothing but eat, sleep and binge watching more tv haha. I've been packing up my stuff, getting ready for the post office drop I'm making and planning some... Continue Reading →

Day 14 | Florida Trail 1/13/18

Oh man this walk I had today broke my heart, I can truly say I have fallen in love with the Florida Trail, of course the road walks suck, but you see so much when you actually get to trail... Continue Reading →

Day 13 | Florida Trail 1/12/18

Day 13 | Florida Trail 18 miles 1/12/18 Today I woke up exhausted feet throbbing everything else hurting. I wake up and tell myself just get up and get walking, all you gotta do is get to walking and so... Continue Reading →

Day 11 | Florida Trail 1/10/18

Day 11 | Florida Trail 11 miles 1/10/18 Really short day due to a resupply outside of camp but im not complaining! Time to relax is what I tell myself. But when I get to camp the thunderstorm that was... Continue Reading →

Day 12 | Florida Trail 1/11/18

Day 12 | Florida Trail 19 miles 1/11/18  Today was jam-packed with stuff! A beautiful wet morning that glowed in the trees. Some trail that made the road walks completely worth it!  A truck accident that made me laugh! The... Continue Reading →

Day 15 | Florida Trail 1/14/18

Day 15 | Florida Trail 17 miles 1/14/18 Trail today was nice, I started a little late but nothing to worry tomorrow is family time and I'm so excited! Only 11 miles tomorrow so gonna sleep in a little, I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 16 | Florida Trial 1/15/18

Day 16 | Florida Trail 11 miles 1/15/18 I hiked about 4 hours today getting to my pick up point for meeting up with my family.  This walk I had today was bittersweet. As I'm waiting on my family to... Continue Reading →

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