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Another reason to hike!

Hiking has become my go to, my salvation, my solitude, etc. Everyone has their reasons and purposes to hike Trial.! Out of everything I chose to do, hiking is my number one, that may seem selfish but let me explain... Continue Reading →

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Missing the Trail!

Missing the trail, what do I mean by that. I could be missing any part, but the one I miss the most is travelling on the trail. Gaining miles after miles gives me more experience every time. I still remember... Continue Reading →

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Gear List (will update frequently)

Gear list updated as I hike and buy more gear... 🙂 Summer Base Weight - 7.5 lbs Bag ULA CDT Sleeping system - down this from Costco for 20 bucks and altered it to my liking (pic soon) Poncho -... Continue Reading →

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Creating my own UL Backpack!

So I am going to attempt to make my own ultralight backpack for my self, I've researched a lot of company's and saw some sweet designs that i'm going to mimic, this is my first DIY with making a backpack,... Continue Reading →

Pause for the scenery.

via Daily Prompt: Pause Many hikers have specific reasons why they thru - hike, my reasons are my own and thats why I enjoy hiking at an individuals perspective. The point of hiking in my opinion is to pause and... Continue Reading →

Speed! My enemy and friend.

When I go fast I feel like I see more I feel alive, even with all my sores I focus on the sights, so I don't lose my mind My speed is my friend but in the end, it will... Continue Reading →

A small joy of the trail: Coffee!

Every morning I wake up on the trail I make a cup of coffee before I do anything. I don't know what it is but I can't start my day without coffee. I'm slowly going stove-less but just the thought... Continue Reading →

Bears on the trail!

  Source: Bears! Couldn't Have said it better!! Bears are in their natural habitat, I have never seen a bear while I've been hiking and I'm out there all the time, but keeping them away from my stuff though I... Continue Reading →

Oversight, don’t do this on the trail!  

As I hike more and more I remember all the things I overlooked, setting our tents up in safe areas, putting a bear bag up, and making sure you have all your gear empty of all smellables.  Oversight is a... Continue Reading →

Privacy on the trail.

Privacy is very hard for anyone backpacking, you have only the tent and the woods, maybe a large rock you can get behind. With hiking you have to keep clean, keeping organized hygiene wise and pack wise. Many hikers have... Continue Reading →

The Exposure of hiking

Exposure Many of the groups I take on hikes are new hikers or no one that has taken a backpacking trip, throughout my time working as a Trip leader I try to expose my participants to everything I can, to... Continue Reading →

Over Mtn. Shelter to Doll Flats, still my favorite hike…

So me and Scooby Doo are taking our friends on a hike for their first time. They are completely new to backpacking, they've skied and been in the mountains but never camping and serious miles so this is going to... Continue Reading →

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