So I am going to attempt to make my own ultralight backpack for my self, I’ve researched a lot of company’s and saw some sweet designs that i’m going to mimic, this is my first DIY with making a backpack, i’m confident in myself that I can do it.

Ive looked up products I can use for the bag and I believe I can make a bag for under 130 dollars fully functional and worthy of Long Distance Hiking (LDH). I am huge fan of cuben fiber, this will be the main part of the bag maybe the whole thing i’m not sure, the design is going to be changing for the next few weeks, while I come up with the part lists, and pictures of what i’m looking to make.

I do know that I want it to be a 40l bag with 5-10l mesh pockets. With my love for being organized I love pockets so I am going to integrate mesh pockets as my main source of use, mainly the areas I will be pulling from the most during my hiking on the trail. Getting my water bottles, and snacks at easy access is critical, I love not stopping, I would rather eat, drink and snack as I walk, it saves time, I gain more distance quicker, and I get to my destination before dark.

Tyvek is going to be my first victim for testing, should have some projects finished soon.

So I have finished my Tyvek pack, I still have some alterations I need to make but overall I’m very happy with my design, it fits everything I need and has plenty of room for all my gear.

For my first bag I am very happy, I made it for one, it works, and I now have a great work bag for day hikes and doing trail maintenance. I have yet to use the bag on a trip, but I will have a blog up as soon as I do. Some last minute add-ons are going to be a sternum strap, therm a rest strap, and another pocket.

I do know for now that I will be using name brand backpacks for my longer trips at least for now till my skill of sewing can get better and sizing material to fit correctly.

Pros and Cons of My DIY bag (Tyvek)


  • fits everything I need for a fall/summer
  • waterproof, I sealed every seam I sewed and fill confident in its waterproofness.
  • I can get it under 20 lbs with full weight (including 2l of water, and 3 days of food).
  • my base weight is right at 10 lbs, so the bag can withstand the weight 🙂


  • Shoulder straps are to thin, the foam material I used is to squishy, it doesn’t have much support for your shoulders.
  • Will not work for winter, this was one goal of the bag and I failed, I have measured the bag and have the new sizes for the next bag I am going to make.

if you have any questions or want more info, just leave a comment…