via Daily Prompt: Pause

Many hikers have specific reasons why they thru – hike, my reasons are my own and thats why I enjoy hiking at an individuals perspective. The point of hiking in my opinion is to pause and watch the scenery. Watch the sunset, and sunrise, stopping and watching the deer you just saw off the trail a bit – graze, play, and enjoy their natural habitat.

I love seeing animals in the wilderness, watching them act as if i’m not there, even watching them pause is enjoyable. I know others have the same reasons and purpose to be out there with nature, but the big aspect is what are you learning. What are you achieving by pausing and watching the environment around you. What I learn will be completely different than yours, and that is what I love the most, what I learn may be different but we saw what we needed to for the sake of the image or idea.

When I see animals I become calm, understanding, I see the purpose of what simple life can give you. I see a family of deer or turkey and I think wow their lives are super easy, as humans we have more to think about or understand than just instinct, with hiking you do lose some everyday sight that you’ve had for years, and its gone after your first month on the trail. Many times i’ve come back from a trip and I don’t want to start the adult life again. But to hike like I want to is why I work so hard outside of the trail.

When you truly think about what needs to be done to go on the hike that day or to finish planning a trip is important to have a good hike, making a name for yourself, having an income, creating a atmosphere of success.

When I see hikers leaving society, they change they lose that aspect of life. When I see that, I try to stop it at first sight. If you can hike a trail for months on months you can do anything you want to with life, make it work. Only thing stopping you is you. Keeping your head high will be easier than keeping it low, losing the weight off your shoulders can benefit you more than carrying it the whole time.

Backpacking is an escape, but keeping your composure or keeping  up with why you do what you do is important for yourself.

Seek change, but don’t act on what you see, act upon what you know.

Pausing for the scenery can teach you all you need to know. Pause in your life and watch what you see, keep that moment for yourself or tell others. If you learn you can see what needs to be done for all aspects of life.