Every morning I wake up on the trail I make a cup of coffee before I do anything. I don’t know what it is but I can’t start my day without coffee. I’m slowly going stove-less but just the thought of I can’t have coffee every morning, makes me cringe. I know I can eat cold foods and be okay without warm meals, but my coffee is a must I’m grumpy till about midday if I don’t have my coffee. Lets just say on the trail I will have a lot it.

Waking up each morning with the thought of, Yes I can have warm coffee with my morning cliff bar or whatever is in my breakfast bag at the time. Something about it just makes my day, everyday.

How I like my coffee, lots of sugar, and any flavor, I’m not a fan of black coffee never have been. I will drink black coffee if I have too but I do love my flavors, I’m stuck on peppermint at the moment, my second flavor would have to be the regular french vanilla.

To close, luxuries are different for everyone on the trail, the fact is take it if you want it because it will make the trip way better, comfort and necessities are different. Comfort is one reason why I love camping so much, I feel better in the woods than I do in any urban enviorment.