As I hike more and more I remember all the things I overlooked, setting our tents up in safe areas, putting a bear bag up, and making sure you have all your gear empty of all smellables. 

Oversight is a terrible habit, don’t do it. Think about everything that could happen and do the opposite, our actions are expected to be positive and to keep up the survival of ourselves and the other hikers, overseeing things at your campsite will do nothing but cause worry for yourself and for the other campers. 

Create a checklist nothing intense but just a way to make sure your ready to camp and have no worries as you sleep. So many times Ive woken up thinking, oh crap did I forget something or leave something out of the bear bag. 

I say all the time hiking is very simplistic it’s you, a bag, and the woods nothing much more than that. So keeping up with your day to day actions should be nothing hard to do.