I am gonna be hiking in Florida doing a 50 mile section of the Florida Trail from (Prairie Lake to Nova Rd.). Since I am going during hunting season I am going to take a few items I regularly wouldn’t. Items such as a bright orange vest for visibility, the other items will differ depending on cost and weight I’ve thought about buying a orange umbrella, but I’ll only get one if I can find a travel size. I am also flying down so I’m having to make a list for my dad to pick up a few things, and I’m glad he’s down there and willing to help can’t wait till after the trip to hang with the family.

Mileage is going to be 5, 16, 10.7, 23

Day 1 

  • 5.5 to Three Lakes Camp

At the airport should be in Florida by 12pm and on the trail by 3pm at the latest. I only have 5.5 miles so I’m not rushing should have plenty of light before I get to camp! I’m so ready to start hiking!

This trail is tough, it is very hard to see the trail markers they are so hard to see at night (they are spread out way to far) especially since its open trail meaning its wide open, no wooded areas except certain campsites. Its flat too did I mention that! I got lost the first day due to the sun going down and having no areas to camp, I hiked as far as I could, finally got to an intersection of the trail that was impossible to see or guide myself through so I decided to camp out by the trail about 200 ft and start cooking. i am just going to get some sleep, fuel up on some dinner (Creamy Garlic Shells Knorr Side haha its actually good with some tuna!

Day 2

  • 16 miles to Little Scrub Campsite

Starting around 7;00 am, I’ve gotten to my first water source and also the camp site I was supposed to camp at, it was about a mile in from my previous camp spot, glad I was close, the water source is pump style I’m really sad I didn’t get a picture of it, it was a gorgeous thing to see. It did taste rusty though 😦 haha (complete sarcasm). I have a sawyer so I filtered it and went on my way, definitely filter water from piped water sources i’m surprised I didn’t use my tablets as well. I knew it could possibly have risks in it but I decided to test it and find out. I knew i’d be off trail before it actually hurt me or caused serious trouble.

Knees are hurting i’m roughly 10 miles in and i’m struggling its constant knee pain, only stops when I sit down. So what do I do I keep going, what the hell can I do, nothing but hike on not a single other option.

I’m exhausted and going to sleep, I took four Ibuprofen and i’m gonna read the rest of my book (Ender’s Shadow) by Orson Scott Card, or try to till I fall asleep. Ender’s Shadow is a great read if you love science fiction its up your ally.

Day 3 

  • 10.7 miles to Jane Green Campsite

No water, oh man this hurt, I started hiking that morning at 6:30 am and got to camp by 11:00 am.  10.7 miles in 4 1/2 hours oh wee, I didn’t even stop for lunch I ate and walked the whole way trying to conserve the half liter I had for the whole hike till camp. My knees were still on fire too, constant shocks of it feeling like needles hitting the back of my knees. I finally got to camp, with a creek right next to camp I was able to relax and sit down and enjoy the rest of the day.

Boar love this trail, many sections are ripped up from herding and distort the trail the whole time. Whoo! this trail is seriously hard, its to flat I tell you, comparing this trail to the A.T. is hard not really on scenery or animals, but skills! The things you actually need to hike a trail like this. The last day was a 20 mile day on a straight road, oh my!  To tell the story shortly I didn’t do it. I decided it was risky especially with little phone battery.

Day 4 – So its day four and i’m leaving the trail, had to quit one day early because I didn’t feel like walking into a storm and doing 23 miles on a flat road just to get picked up somewhere else so I called my dad and had a ride by 11 am.

Trail near Prairie Lakes


This guy was cool

  • i’m pretty sure this is a Green Anole!img_20161209_0935565img_20161209_0814310img_20161210_1523403

Trail to Little Scrub Campsiteimg_20161209_1634329

Sunset at Little Scrub Campsiteimg_20161209_1649504

Cactus at Little Scrub Campsite

  • it was only 2ft high. img_20161209_1746482

Sunrise at Little Scrub Campsiteimg_20161210_0627590

Spiny Orb-weaver

  • on the tail going through Forever Florida.img_20161210_1123051