Alright so this post will update as I do more but my main purpose is talking about workouts on and off the trail.

Workouts on the trail

Are minimal and meant to keep the body in shape, I know the more I hike and the longer my trips become I lose strength above my waist. All we use for hiking are our legs! The strength hikers have is incredible after a few months of hiking. The calories we burn every hour prove this and it soon becomes an addiction, hiking your ass off can be a benefit but at the same time can create loss of muscle in the other areas of the body.

Main workouts on the trail

Pull Ups 

-are easy to do, and can be done anywhere, small tree off the side of the trail.


-great exercise for this is lifting your backpack above your head as many times you can.


-with your bag on, while your hiking

These exercises are great in the morning and can pretty much be done anywhere on trail. I also believe this is a great way to start the day, stretches the body to prevent pains, strains, and injuries! Prevention of these types of situations is important on trail, especially if your in a large wilderness area.

Workouts off the trail

Should be extensive and meant to keep you in shape. The main difference between on trail and off trail workouts is the time for your workouts. I believe for off trail at least 2 hours a day for 6 days a week for your workouts. Keeping your body moving and in constant motion will help keep you in shape for the trail and minimise the impact of adapting to the trail again.

Main Workouts off the trail

Upper Body

Pull – ups

-variations as many as you can do (great alternative is rock climbing, most areas have a local climbing gym you can join.) I do both pull ups, and climbing.

Lower Body


-1 hour (at highest incline, speed does not matter) – treadmill, stair master

Leg Press, and biking are my go to for leg workouts, I ride my bike instead of driving places so I’m constantly moving and keeping my body use to being in motion.