Why do I want to thru hike?! When I first figured out what thru hiking was I became fascinated. Just the idea of travelling the world with just a backpack blew me away. Seeing things you can only imagine, fuels me to keep going. The trail is what makes the travel worth it, hiking really shows you what you are missing and at the same time, it shows you what you have to do to survive! The biggest thing to describe the trail in my opinion is trail magic not the Trail Magic you may be thinking of, but the idea that the trail is the magic of the hike. The people you meet, the things you see are there because of the trail. The love for others and the love for nature came from the trail. The creators of these trails knew what we needed and they imagined and built it with their lasts breaths.

         So far I have hiked roughly 500 miles of the Appalachian trail, the trips I’ve taken have taught me so much and  I learn more and more every trip! Soon I will have all the experience I need for my first thru – hike! It’s hard to explain how excited I am to start my years of hiking. Once I graduate I am off on a huge adventure. I have four years of straight hiking and funding it, funding is probably the hardest thing to do to be a full time hiker. As I get closer and closer I think more and more how relaxed I will be when I start hiking, the simplistic lifestyle of just walking to my destination will get me high, whether I end up taking my time hiking or end up doing 30 + miles a day, ill still have the same mindset.


The plan is to hike for 2 1/2  years and have six trails done by the end of it. My first thru hike is going to be the Long Trail in Vermont(2017,Aug-Sept). Then its the Appalachian Trail(2018), the big dog I would say, I have had this trail on my mind for the longest time, out of all the trails I am going to hike this may be my favourite and I haven’t even started my hiking yet. For My AT hike I would like to end it at three months on the dot, starting right after the biggest bubble. I would definitely say my AT hike will be my biggest test mentally! It’s going to be crowded I know that for sure, so hiking on is my objective!! Sticking to the plan of finishing in three months, still leaves me with three more months to hike some more, so I would like to hike the Mountains to Sea Trail(2018)immediately after the AT so I can have three of the six trails finished on the second year. Break time, going to take it down a notch and add a shorter trail, the Arizona Trail(2019) by this time I should be doing 30 + miles with no problem at all! Then its onto serious miles though, the next two trails will test me, I already know it. The next trail will be the PCT Pacific Crest Trail(2019) I have never hiked out west(at the moment), its going to be fun in the desert!! Going through the weather on the PCT is going to be a great opportunity and an awesome experience. Getting to the end(very nervous about hiking on this next trail its complete wilderness, serious shit can happen), next up is the CDT the Continental Divide Trail(2020).