Alright so its getting closer everyday, I plan to hike the Long Trail in Vermont around late August sometime. One idea is hiking during my bro Scooby-Doo’s thru hike of the A.T. so I can do a section with him, he should, if we plan right to be in Vermont by Aug-Sept time so we can do the first 100 miles together. I couldn’t be more excited for this thru -hike.

It is 1 month or so away before I start hiking, my training for this hike is going out as much as possible, do my workouts and making myself hike more! Miles are my biggest enemy on the trail, I love doing as many miles as possible but sometimes your body just cant do it the whole time. With the plan to finish within 15 days, I need to be hiking more than 18 miles a day. I’m confident in myself to do it, now is the time to train for more though. Getting my trail legs is really important to me so I can be ready before the Appalachian Trail in 2018. I am going to push myself to my full potential and force miles so I can have 30 mile days on the A.T. with a full pack of (20-25lbs).


So prep is slow, I am writing my schedule down and perfecting it as much as I can, also studying the maps getting familiar with location names and important stops.

Studying gear, buying gear, getting everything ready is my next step once I get my route mapped out.

I have made the decision to make my backpack, i’ve got my base weight to 8 pounds going with the necessities. I may even get it lower i’m doing what I can. You can check out my blog +++++++++


I do have a few personal goals or challenges for myself.

  •  attempt the trail in 12 day’s
  • have a pack weight of 20-25 lbs the whole time.

The Long Trail is divided into Divisions 1 – 12 so the attempt of one division a day or so…the divisions are definitely not the same distance so hiking multiple divisions is going to  be part of the hike. I am also going to use this for my titles of my posts for the thru – hike, so Division 1, is Day 1, and so on I will emphasize for miles and each day.

My miles are going to get harder, so this goal is going to be a highlight of the trip if I can actually complete the trail within my goals.

This is going to be a tough challenge for myself my first itinerary had me doing huge miles and no zeros it would be hell, my second isn’t any better but the miles are easier. The itinerary will not go as planned I know that but I like to have an idea of what i know i’m capable of.