My cook kit

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Stove, coffee filter
Pot w foil lid
Foil windbreak
Wood stove attachment
Fuel can
Pot holder
Rag for cleaning






Many hikers use stoves that cost a shit load of money, for me though I am very happy with my alcohol stove. It was 75 cents at Wal-Mart ha-ha. I’ve used it in all weather conditions below zero, all the way to 100 degree weather. Issues with the stove so far are none. The next few topics about alcohol stoves are tips or things I do on the trail to prevent problems from occurring in summer and winter hiking.
So my stove is a cat food can from Wal-Mart that costs 75 cents. I have used the same stove for about a year now and love it so much! It’s light easy to use and prep and can benefit any hikers lifestyle. I have created multiple stoves with friends and this one, to this day still does the most!