Hiking has become my go to, my salvation, my solitude, etc. Everyone has their reasons and purposes to hike Trial.! Out of everything I chose to do, hiking is my number one, that may seem selfish but let me explain to you why?.

Every trip I take, every step on the trail is my legacy, a memory I can’t forget. Giving my all when it really counts toward something, I say all the time when I hike that I will go further or harder than the day before. The determination you learn from hiking is addictive. The self-development you can gain from one backpacking trip will keep you high for weeks and months, the want to go farther each trip. I have four reasons why hiking will benefit your life or create a better outlook on anything you do. These reasons are life points I have gained throughout my hikes or any other part I see as relevant. With a fictional story I plan to describe why hiking can be a benefit to you socially, mentally, physically, etc. The benefits go on and on, one thing about this blog and its purpose is to show the purpose or hidden message to being alive.

Many beginning hikers shoot for the stars and some don’t, where is that fine medium, I tell you there isn’t one, the idea is pointless, you have to push yourself past your comfort zone. The meanings are yours to decide?, but what is a true meaning; a mental picture of yourself standing on the top of the mountain you just hiked, the 8 mile hike to water in 3 hours, hiking to lose weight, hiking to gain social acceptance, hiking to learn about yourself and what your purpose is, hiking to start over and create a new life, The list is endless, the meaning is anything you want it to be! What can define a true meaning well the answer of course is you, if you gain anything from reading this; it is that you are god, you are your Savior, you are the one that makes the final decision! As I write this I can think only of all the religious groups that will jump at this and say humans are no gods, of course we’re not to interpret this correctly you must be optimistic and understand the idea of what it means. What do I mean by this… If you look at life the way I do, you learn from everything, everyone, anything. I could write for hours about many topics but I’m choosing a select few.

Reason One – Choices define it all!

As we evolve we see the change, hell we are the change. Who’s choice was this, well hopefully you can answer and know immediately that you, me, everyone has made that choice to change. From cavemen to the computer scientist, doctor, law specialist, it goes on. Right now our choices are causing many things, success, turmoil, hatred, love, want, impatience. We make our choices and sometimes forget what that does to define us. Comparing the world to the Trail life is really hard. On the trial choices are made for survival, choices are made for others and then yourself. The stories I’ve read prove this, maybe I’m looking at people wrong but one thing I see all the time is that people on the trail could care less the colour of your skin, the language you speak, or the way you present yourself. What matters is the campsite your going to for the day, the 10 to 30 miles you have to hike to get there, the lunch on the top of the mountain. The highland mountains you just crossed and telling your fellow hiker to keep a lookout for the clearing and to take a moment and inhale the clean air and the scenery. Your choices are not meant to be regretted or taken lightly you made a choice accept it, learn from it, don’t do it again. Keep your head up. One thing about our choices is that it didn’t start with you, everything we do is influenced by something else. The want to backpack the world, started with pioneers seeing the frontier for the first time! The want for more land and power started with exploration of other country’s, the Indians finding out that plants are our medicine, the influence of animals and that they can be eaten for nutrients, the ideas behind farming, they all originated before we knew the true meaning of it. We learn from each other and make choices on those influences. The influence you see is your mind remembering something that was once done. These influences could be bad, good, wrong, completely stupid but the choices are still made to copy those influences. Before you make your choice to copy, you have to think about the consequences or repercussion’s of that choice. This is key to define our choices as good, bad, wrong, etc.

Reason Two – Why we do it!

Why we do it, is the best title for reason 2, we have to have a want or purpose to be on  the planet, a purpose to see your life to the end, no matter the obstacle there is a way to the end, please understand that this story is going to be a fictional story that I am going to write and it will benefit ideas we see in everyday life. As I reminisce my years so far I remember many obstacles I have had to go through and none of them account to anything comparing them to a disabled person or someone with an incurable disease such as, Cancer or Parkinson’s disease, paralyzation of the body or parts of the body, being visually impaired fully or just a little. These are serious obstacles many people have, and we take these things for granted in our regular day activities or obstacles. The hikers that I have met are all regular or normal, no disabilities to change the difficulty of their obstacles. I have never met a disabled hiker or impaired hiker, I would like to, to understand the way they cope with things. The perseverance they have to keep going, the strength of their mental capabilities keep them alive, the optimism of I can do it, I might not be able to walk but I can do it. I think all the time about if I was disabled or blind or any other tough disability, mental, physical, emotional. I do have a little anxiety when it comes to things I don’t know how to do or can’t comprehend, but nowhere near the disability’s we see on a daily basis, thinking about tomorrow and the possibility that I could suddenly go blind or lose feeling in my lower body would be devastating to me and others. The thought of going on would completely leave my body and mind, the ability to do the activities I do now has increased ten fold.  Why we do it still pops into my head, the want to see the world, the want to see new places, new people, new cultures, all of these things are why we do it! Disabilities or disease’s should not stop you or your dream, of course depending on the disability or disease you have, can make it harder. The want or will to do it, will forever be there. I am fortunate to be of good health and have zero life threatening obstacles.

Going back to why I love hiking the trail so much, I said in the beginning that hiking is my number one, which it still is and always will be. Here I will tell you why, yes my want to hike is selfish, 100 percent selfish, 100 percent for my well-being! Why do I do it though, I choose to hike because I can think with no influences of the world, no negative impacts on my self or others. My hiking is to see the world I want to live in, see the things I want to do in my life before I die. To see my kids grow up and be happy and learn the way I did. To see my wife grow old happy with no regrets of living the way she did. The idea of looking back and seeing that my choices were good, beneficial to myself and others. Beneficial to the planet, to the human race. Looking upon the horizon should not be seeing buildings in the future, should not be wanting to change what we have. It should be to choose to live with it and change yourself before you change your surroundings. The horizon shows you what you are missing, the mountains are full of life that is untouched by humans, the trail that goes through complete wilderness and is altered for survival only, the fire-pit made to warm you up after a cold hike in the rain for six hours and to protect you from the wilderness.

Reason Three – There is a Purpose!

Reason three is a life point or a tip I’d say, a way to see what cannot be seen. Throughout life we have problems; personal problems, work problems, relationship problems, list goes on and on. I ask that you think about the problems in the world including your own! What do you think of? I bet it is war, poverty, personal issues, family issues, again it can be anything the list is what you make. The dictionary says purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Our lives have purpose, we were born for our family, for our friends, to change lives where we can! People take complete advantage of this with their choices! Our purpose is to live happily with many friends, to see the world with them to be their for others when no one else will. Right now my choices are not to stop world hunger, they are not to stop the wars, they are not to stop poverty, they are to be loyal to my family, to my friends to learn more and more everyday so that one day just maybe I can influence someone to do the same!

Reason Four – Optimism is key for a peaceful and fulfilled outlook on life!

Optimism is defined as a disposition or tendency to look on the more favourable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favourable outcome. It’s the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.

On almost all of my hikes I have had to make the best of things, something will always go wrong, the best thing to do is see why it’s happening. In my mind I look at it as a personal challenge, a challenge of discomfort, to gain the skill of I can hike in anything. Constantly I am being optimistic, life is precious and we need to appreciate what we have no matter what it is. One thing about writing that I love so much is that with words everything can be solved, words are the meanings we give our pictures to tell our stories to tell our legacy’s! Without words we can’t evolve, we can’t become the gods we want to!

Story Details

The Story of Nimbo is in progress and should be finished by March. To keep you on your toes I am going to leave the beginning here and for you to think about what happens next to Nimbo and Presha.


I finish with the story, the story of Nimbo, Nimbo is human he has a family he loves dearly but has to go away for a while, he wants to go into the wilderness, to see the world in its true form. He needs satisfaction for what he has dealt with, he just wants to get away from the real world for a while.
Its dark, a man is tripping over rocks sticking out from the ground as he walks down a trial with his headlamp guiding the way, the man is walking down a trail in the Appalachian mountains looking around to gain some sense of his surroundings as much as possible. The man sees a bird on a Hemlock in front of the trail and hears it whistling. This bird is massive in the mans eyes, to the man it looks like an eagle, but it is definitely to big to be a real eagle. Its beak is the size of his head, wings the length of a semi truck eyes beaming with power. The man says to himself id like to fly and sing like that. A moment later the same bird flew down and landed on the trail he was walking on creating a massive quake for miles. It said you wanna fly and sing to the stars like I do? mortal. Undermining the man, made the man get angry, he yelled at the bird and said ill fly watch, ill sing to the stars you watch.  As the man steps away from the bird and turns his back to the bird, thinking dam bird is rude saying I’m a mere mortal, trying to show that the bird is better. The bird looks at him with a twist in its neck, are you mad mortal? Did I do something wrong or say something to create hostility. The man said you are calling me a mortal, acting superior to humans. That makes me mad, the bird screeched with laughter, I am! the bird cawed, I can fly, I tell the stars to move I am a god, I’m no mortal. I am beyond the human form, I have found my salvation. The man stopped in his tracks and says you are beyond the human form? What does this mean bird? The bird looks at the man and says, Presha! that’s my name do not call me bird please. And exactly that, I am beyond the human form I am 400 years old and still ticking you are only a mere hatch ling compared to me. The man screams you are 400 years old! How is that possible, what are you? I’m an eagle to be exact but I was human at one point in my life can you guess why I am now a bird?! If you can guess this within three tries I will grant you the vision to become a god! The man had no clue what to say or start to guess about the bird. The man started to think real hard and just decided to become acquainted to Presha and learn as much as possible before he guesses and ruins his chance of becoming more than just a mortal. So the man tells Presha his name, my name is Nimbo would it be okay to accompany you for a few days before I guess about your origin? Presha says how did you know that, how have you come to know my true name? Who told you?, the bird flapped her wings and flew off the wind from her strokes pushed Nimbo into a tree on the side of the trail!  Nimbo had no clue what happened,  he didn’t know that that was what her name meant. He just wanted to learn from her before he guessed. Disoriented he screamed WAIT, no one told me that, it was a coincidence I’m sorry, please come back! Nimbo looks in the sky, he sees Presha flying away circling around his location on the trail. He thinks to himself how graceful it is to watch Presha fly around with ease, how fast she can get places with just wings, but at the same time he thinks about all the things she cant do, go to the store, go to a baseball game, celebrate holidays, many other things she has no idea of or hasn’t done in many years. Nimbo presses his hands into the ground to bring himself upright from hitting the tree, he looked behind him at the tree and saw his body’s imprint on the tree but felt no pain. He wondered why that was so, he never could figure out why he wasn’t hurt from the impact, he decided to ignore it and continue on his hike he has many miles still to go to get to the end.

Presha stayed away for a while, 20 days to be exact. Nimbo came to the conclusion he messed up and just lost his chance at salvation. Nimbo went on with his normal schedule of hiking for multiple hours a day gaining as many miles as he can! He still thinks about Presha and the excitement she gave Nimbo, the idea beyond the human form, the possibility that life is beyond mortality.