All Info about my hikes will be on this blog. These writings will consist of my personal experiences or personal opinions! I usually do poems and short stories, some writings may also be in progress so keep a look out for added material.

My name is Taran (Barley), I’m a hiker at heart and will never stop till I can no longer physically hike! I’ve been hiking most of my life, but really recently got into backpacking when I started college at ETSU. Being next to the Appalachian mountains really expanded my knowledge on hiking and the idea of thru-hiking. Seeing the best in things is my way of life, having an optimistic lifestyle keeps me happy! Why do I hike, mainly because every trip still to this day is always different, the trail gives you so much and in the end its always a new lesson learned. My first Thru hike is going to be the Long Trail in Vermont starting August of this year! For more info on my hikes or to keep up with my travels check the blog.

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